Update (the last one) on the Total Work Course

"Like some during COVID, I found myself working where I live, or perhaps living where I work. The Total Work program I attended this summer allowed me to see how my relationship to my work, which I find quite meaningful, was profoundly unhealthy. Since attending, I have been better able to step away from complete immersion in my work and to tie less and less of my sense of personal value to my professional accomplishments. I appreciated hearing from others and being asked tough questions about why I made the choices I made and where I truly wanted to be as a human being." --Jerrold McGrath, BMW Foundation Responsible Leader

UPDATE: The course was opened on October 6, and it’s almost completely full. As of this morning, there is only 1 spot left--possibly 2. So, if this is your thing, then I suggest signing up soon.

And for those who aren't terribly interested, know that this is the final note I'll be sending on this score.