Like Coming Home To A Place You Always Already Knew: A Dialogical Meditation

Dear all,

I thought you might appreciate this guided meditation. It begins by asking: “What are you still holding onto?” What happens when we open the fist, showing the palm to the liquid sky?

Also and relatedly, for those intrigued by Taoism (alt.: Daoism), Chan Buddhism, and Zen Buddhism: I’m starting a new Substack newsletter called “Pathways to the Tao.” If you’re wondering about what a beautiful philosophy of life looks and feels like on the other side of Total Work, then I think you’ll find a clear alternative in the stream variously called “the Way” (Laozi), “the Buddhist Way” (Dogen), and “Original-nature” (Bodhidharma).

In the newsletter (which, in the spirit of wu wei, will come out organically and spontaneously), you’ll soon enough find poetry, guided meditations, discussions of core nondual teachings, and information on courses I’ll be offering.

With kindness,