A Conversation With Andrew Taggart: Life Beyond Work In A Time Of Crisis

Paul Millerd and I will be having a conversation on March 25th on Zoom, and you’re welcome to join us.

Here’s the description written by Paul:


Andrew Taggart has been writing about our fraught relationship with work for the past several years. Given this current crisis, many people are finding themselves in a confusing relationship with work. What is it like to feel so unsettled? Why do we feel guilty for not being "productive" when working remotely? Where should we be focusing our energy in these uncanny times?

I'll host a conversation with Andrew in which we explore the following questions:

- If we are not workers, who are we?
- What is an "existential opening" and how might one navigate it in respect to how we conceive of life?
- What are some mindful practices we can consider at this time?

We will have a short 1-on-1 interview between Andrew & Paul, followed by a brief reflection from Andrew and then an open Q&A in addition to the potential to connect with others in the group.


Join us on Wednesday, March 254:00 – 5:30pm NYT time, which is 8:00-9:30 p.m. GMT.

You can hop on the call by clicking on the Zoom link provided below:


Paul will be sending this same note out to his newsletter readers. Please RSVP so that we have a decent sense of the number of people who will be on the call. You can RSVP by commenting on this thread below.