28 Million Americans File For Unemployment: Time For An Assessment Of Total Work

Dear Total Work Newsletter readers,

In light of the fact that over 28 million Americans have recently filed for unemployment, I thought now may be the time for a Q&A issue, an issue concerned with taking stock, getting an overview, and coming to an assessment of Total Work.

With these things in mind, feel free, in the comments section below or, if you prefer, via email (totalwork.us@gmail.com), to answer any or all of these questions:

1.) Since you’v been reading this newsletter and since you’ve been thinking about Total Work, has there been anything that has been clarified—I mean, really, sharply, intuitively clarified—for you? Or is there anything related to your understanding of Total Work that you’re grateful for?

2.) As you think about Total Work further, is there anything that remains unclear to you? That something could be personal, existential, sociological, theoretical, and so on.

3.) As you think about Total Work further, do you find that there’s something that, say, I’ve been in error about, or that I’ve overlooked, or that may be in need of reconsideration?

Again, feel free to reply in the comments section below. Or send me an email in the form of a letter. The next issue will be the result of whatever conversation or conversations unfold in response to these questions.

May you and yours continue to be well and safe. With kindness,